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About American WeatherStar

Albuquerque NM Metal RooferAWS Coatings

An established leader in the coatings industry, American WeatherStar (AWS) is a full line supplier of high quality, energy efficient, watertight roof coating systems for commercial and industrial buildings. These remarkable systems can be used to stop leaks, cool a building’s interior, or simply for preventive maintenance and flat roof repair. American WeatherStar offers long term warranties that cover just about every type of roof substrate against leaks on both materials and/or systems. Our coating products line includes acrylics, butyls, silicones, both single component and plural component fast set urethanes, and all the primers and flashing grade products required to ensure complete waterproofing.

AWS Single-Ply

For the last several years American WeatherStar has also provided high end TPO & PVC roofing systems through our Single-Ply Division. The AWS Single-Ply Division offers a complete line of energy efficient, bright white, single-ply roofing membranes, including a peel and stick TPO along with heat welded and fully adhered TPO and PVC. The decision to expand into the single-ply market was driven by a strategy to give our Contractor base a more complete line of roofing products to offer building owners and managers, while still adhering to the fact that white roofs are far superior to black roofs. American WeatherStar has always believed in offering their customers the longest lasting roofs that also save the most energy dollars and our Single-Ply Division continues to promote that philosophy.

AWS Spray Foam

American WeatherStar has a great history of working with Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) so in 2009 we created a new American WeatherStar Spray Foam Division. The AWS Spray Foam Division broadens our efforts to promote energy efficient roofing while adding wall foam insulation for interior insulation and weatherproofing applications. Spray Polyurethane Foam offers the building owner the most energy efficient form of insulation for walls and roofing applications, which ensures a more efficient building envelope. Combined with our Coatings Division, our SPF Division compliments everything we are doing at American WeatherStar to bring our customers the very best energy efficient roofing and insulation materials available on the market.

Making the Difference in the Roofing Industry

The primary difference between American WeatherStar and other roofing and SPF suppliers is our commitment to helping our contractors, or “Authorized Independent Contractors”, before, during, and after each installation. Our quality customer support, coupled with our state-of-the-art technical assistance, ensure complete end user satisfaction with every WeatherStar roofing system installed, thus making the difference between getting a roof or wall system you can live with and getting a system you’re absolutely happy with for many years to come.

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